When designated by the auction house, items are picked up by Mosaic Enterprises LTD for processing at our fulfillment center unless prior arrangements have been made with the auction house. To obtain a shipping estimate prior to the sale please email: sales@moeship.com (Note: these are estimates only. Accurate shipping quotes can only be provided with items on hand).

After picking up your items, Mosaic Enterprises will contact you with multiple shipping options after the sale, including: FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, various freight providers and in-person delivery, as well as any and all express or overnight shipping needs. After the completion of the sale, when your order arrives at Mosaic Enterprises your order will begin accumulating daily storage fees. These fees are non-negotiable. The fees are outlined below. For any shipping, moving, delivery, and pickup questions please call 267-225-0073 or email sales@moeship.com.